Pitbull’s Smiling Dog Face Shows Just How Glad She Is To Be Free Of Her Unhappy Start To Life

smiling dog face shortcake the pitbull

This smiling dog face is sure to brighten up your day! This cutie wasn't always as happy as she seems. When she was rescued off the streets in California, she was in horrible condition.

Shortcake has the biggest, furriest smile on the internet. This pitbull's grin is so adorable that she won over everyone's hearts — she's internet famous!

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When Shortcake the pitbull was found on the streets, she had a hernia and severe mange. Mange is an uncomfortable skin condition that causes dogs to lose fur and scratch themselves until they have open sores. Stray animals get this disease a lot because they don't have great immune strength and are mostly outside.

Shortcake barely had any fur when they found her. She was a completely different color! You could see all the colored patches on her skin normally covered by fur.

Happy Rescued Pitbull Has Smiling Dog Face

Amy Matsushima came across Shortcake's photo online and fell in love with her smiling dog face. After meeting her in person, Amy had to have her! Lucky little Shortcake was going home!

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Amy said, "She's very silly, full of sounds and playful when she's not sleeping but even then she smiles."

The pup much prefers snuggling up on a couch to going for walks. But no matter what she's doing, she often sports that big cheesy grin! I can't blame her for loving the couch. She spent most of her life outside!

Shortcake got a taste of luxury and comfort and will never go back!

Her official Instagram account, ‘the lady shortcake,' has almost 200,000 followers. She flashes her adorable smiling dog face wherever, wearing whatever. Amy puts the cutest little outfits on her big baby!

In addition to her online fans, Shortcake the pitbull is loved in Amy's office. Amy said Shortcake is the office's unofficial mascot! HOW CUTE!

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Lucky little Shortcake sure found a loving, forever home — in real life and online! And now her life matches her happy, smiling dog face.

Check out Shortcake's story and more of her pictures in this video.

WATCH: Shortcake The Pitbull Journey To Happiness

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h/t: The Animal Club

Featured Image Credit: Instagram