Mom Serenades Her 1-Year-Old Son With A Beautiful Song At His Neurologist Appointment

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A mom created a special moment between her and her son undergoing cancer treatments. She sang to him and it was a heartfelt moment.

Abigail's one-year-old son, Lincoln is undergoing cancer treatments at the Duke Cancer Institute. Though it has been a long journey filled with ups and downs, Abigail has found a way to keep joy. She found a way to comfort her son through the process. And she does that through song. In this video, she is singing a beautiful song to him.

They were waiting outside the doctor's office for their appointment for another treatment when Abigail sat at the piano. She began playing the piano and singing, "Never Enough", a song from the film ‘The Greatest Showman'. And she sounds so beautiful singing the song.

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Her son is sitting in his stroller right next to her, taking it all in. Nurses and other patients came over to watch Abigail sing at the piano. She completely lost herself in the song. She was thinking about what the words of the song meant to her in lieu of the everything that was going on.

But she did not notice everyone standing there until they gave her a round of applause once she ended the song. People were even watching her and listening from the balcony upstairs above her.

It was such a beautiful rendition! And I am certain that Lincoln loved it too. She believes that there is still so much joy in life. And in the moments where she sings and plays her piano for her song, she is living in a moment of joy. Our prayers are with Little Lincoln and his family.

WATCH: Mom Sings To Son Undergoing Cancer Treatments

Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

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