Comedian Steve Moris Hilariously Discusses Songs With Misheard Lyrics

songs with misheard lyrics steve moris

Songs with misheard lyrics can be pretty entertaining. And comedian Steve Moris shares a few hilarious examples sure to bring on the laughter!

Everyone has a favorite song or songs that, when they come on the radio, we can't keep ourselves from singing along to. However, what if we're a little less-than-accurate when providing our supplemental background vocals?

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Comedian Steve Moris hilariously explores this idea of songs with misheard lyrics, by providing similar but very wrong lyrics to some classic tunes.

Steve begins the side-splitting clip by asking the audience a very simple question.

"You ever sing songs your whole life just to find out you've been singing the wrong words? That's all of us. And then there's songs that we know 99 percent of, but there's that little, tiny piece, you can listen to it over and over again and go, ‘What the heck are?', right," Steve said.

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Steve also mentions a conversation between him and his son that is sure to change how you think about a popular Bachman-Turner Overdrive song.

"My son, Stevie, he's 17, OK? And he plays a decent guitar, and I'm proud of him because he doesn't know words to stuff either, like his dad. True story, a couple years ago, he was like, ‘Dad, can you show me the chords to "Baking Carrot Biscuits"? Steve said.

Songs With Misheard Lyrics Provide Plenty Of Laughs

In addition to not always being accurate when singing along to songs we've heard 100s of times, Steve rightly points out that those classic tunes don't just come to those artists 100 percent complete.

Instead, Steve imagines those songs go through a process until bands like The Beatles, Deep Purple, and Santana get the lyrics just right.

"Cause people don't just write a hit song first time through. They got rough drafts. I did some research on that famous song," Steve explained.

"Here's a Van Morrison song. You'll know the song, but here is the first rough draft. ‘With you, my one-eyed girl," Steve said.

We know we can totally relate with Steve when it comes to mishearing song lyrics, and we hope his funny take on it brought a smile to your face!

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