Barista Writes Secret Note On Starbucks Cup Of Coffee To Make Sure Young Woman Is Ok

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A Starbucks cup of coffee can be a life-saver in more ways than one. Not only does a hot cup of joe give us comfort and help us make it through our day, but as this story proves, it can be a way to send a life-saving message if needed.

This story is absolutely incredible. And you may want to pass it on in case it saves another person in need.

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In this instance, a clever barista writes a secret note on a Starbucks cup of coffee to make sure a young woman is okay.

Barista Steps In For Customer In Need

A mother, Brandy Roberson, recently shared on her Facebook page how this Barista stepped in to save her 18-year-old daughter's life. Since then, the now-deleted post has gone viral being shared over 89,000 times.

Brandy's daughter had been cramming at a Starbucks as most college students do in order to get through exams. This young girl had gotten her Starbucks cup of coffee and taken over a table with her books spread out.

As she was deep in the trenches of studying, an older gentleman seemed enamored with her and a Barista took notice. She had been alone and deep into thought over her studies when a man approached the teenager and asked her what she was studying.

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The teen was polite and answered his questions but tried to give this stranger the brush off. However, he didn't seem to take the hint. As he became louder and more animated, the Barista became concerned and began to fear for the girl's safety.

Brandy said, "She was sitting at her table alone studying and this man came by and noticed what she was studying and wanted to talk to her about it. He, I think, just kind of became really loud and animated about it."

But God used a Barista to watch over her daughter!

Secret Note On Starbucks Coffee Cup

The Barista didn't want to escalate the situation and maybe, perhaps, he was misreading the whole scene. He then devised and executed a plan.

He made a cup of hot chocolate and then wrote a hidden message on the side of the Starbucks cup and served the young lady. The note said, "Are you okay? Do you want us to intervene? If you do, take the lid off the cup."

Brandy said, her daughter never took off the lid because she knew she was safe in the coffee shop. What an incredible way to send a life-saving message, especially if the situation had turned for the worse. We can all take note of this Barista's actions and do the same if we notice someone who may be in trouble. Brandy shared this to her Facebook page and added that she is thankful someone was watching over her daughter.

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"How grateful I am for people who look out for other people!" Brandy wrote. God had definitely sent an angel to watch over her daughter that day!

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." Philippians 2:4

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