Steve Harvey On Family Feud Tells Audience God Has Given ‘Every Living Soul’ A Gift To Use

steve harvey on family feud using God-given gifts

Steve Harvey on Family Feud did more than just entertain the crowd. Between takes of the popular game show, the Christian celebrity delivered an inspiring and powerful speech about the God-given gifts we are “built” to use. And what he says is something we all need to hear!

The dry sense of humor and natural rapport with contestants from Steve Harvey on Family Feud make the show all the more entertaining. But that’s just the footage that makes it on TV.

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Between takes, Steve often chats and shares stories with the audience — stories that include messages of faith.

On one such occasion, Steve Harvey talked to the members of the Family Feud audience during a break about the difference between talent versus God-given gifts.

“You gotta stop focusing on your talent. The key is to locate your gift,” he says, receiving some shouts and applause from the crowd. Steve then goes on, explaining, “Be very careful with what you’re talented and passionate about — they sound like the same thing. What are you gifted at is your quest.”

Steve directs his message to young people, encouraging them to identify their gifts. But really, this message applies to all of us.

“Every living soul God created at birth, He gave all of you a gift.”

Steve Harvey Talks About Clipper

Just as we read in Romans 12:6, our individual gifts are varied.

“Teaching is a gift,” Steve says. “Networking is a gift. Working with your hands is a gift. Being a caregiver is a gift. Babysitting is a gift.”

We find success when we work hard and focus on using the gifts God has given us. As an illustration of this, Steve Harvey on Family Feud goes on to share a story about a friend called Clipper.

When they were younger, Steve says one of his friends was always cutting grass in his spare time for money. In fact, Steve and the others started calling him Clipper because anytime they invited him to do anything, he was too busy cutting grass.

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Clipper didn’t have expensive tools or equipment, just your standard push-mower. But Steve recalls how Clipper was just “so gifted at cutting grass.” And over the years, he went from making $2 to cut the front yard and $2 to cut the backyard to owning a huge landscaping company that makes $4 million a year!

Clipper had other talents. Steve Harvey (getting excited and sprinkling in some swear words) told the Family Feud audience how well Clipper could dance. But Clipper remained focused on using his gift.

“You know what Clipper do? Clipper cuts grass. He don’t do nothing but cut grass,” Steve said. “He found his gift and he was gifted at it. His gift has made room for him.”

Discover Your Gift

Steve Harvey pointed out to the Family Feud audience that all our gifts are different — from frying chicken or doing hair to fixing cars or painting. Every person has some kind of gift they can use to serve others.

“Go do that,” Steve advises. “Go do that. Do your gift. ... You were built to do your gift. Discover your gift [and] change your life. That’s the secret.”

Steve’s message promotes humility and hard work.

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You can hear the full speech Steve Harvey gave the Family Feud audience below. Please just be aware that while the message is faith-filled, there are a few instances of profanity.

WATCH: Steve Harvey On Family Feud Gives Audience A Message About God-Given Gifts

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