These Safety Tips All Kids Need To Know

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Numbers for missing children increase every year and a lot of the incidents occur in their own neighborhoods. So, Pretty Loaded has a few stranger safety tips Kids need to stay safe.

Since the most common cases where children are taken involve someone driving a vehicle, they came up with a scenario to show parents how easy it is for a child to go missing. In the scenario, a little girl is walking down the sidewalk coming home from school. It is her normal routine, so she does not feel unsafe in her own neighborhood.

She just got off the bus stop and she is singing a little tune. Since she just got out of school, she is happy and unaware. When all of a sudden, she was interrupted by a lady who pulls up next to her in a minivan.

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The lady rolls down the window and begins to anxiously talk to her. She yells that she has been looking for the girl everywhere. She told the little girl that her dad is in the hospital and that her mom sent the lady to come find the little girl.

Now, the little girl does not know the lady is at all. She is a complete stranger. But because her defenses are down, and the lady pretended to familiarize herself with the girl's mom, she does not hesitate to interact with the lady. And the girl believed every single thing that the lady told her and then she got in the car with her.

It is hard to accept the reality that children are harmed every day. But cases like this one can be avoided when parents talk to their children and share the few tips in this video. Parents are challenged to encourage their children to be strong, be aware, and be confident.

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