2 Strangers Walked The Same Halls For Years Before Discovering They Were Related

strangers find out they are siblings

God is the God of miracles, and he certainly is in this story where two strangers find out they are siblings! Can you just imagine? Two strangers walked the same halls for years before discovering they were related.

Christina Sadberry said, “It’s unexplainable. Like you can’t make that up. My husband keeps saying, ‘This is some stuff out of a movie.'” But it is explainable if you know how God works all things together for our good and his glory, and this story has his miraculous fingerprints all over it.

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Christina had been going to Cook's Children’s Hospital for her son to receive treatment for a kidney disorder for several years. She unknowingly passed by her brother several times as he has been working for that very same hospital as the Recording Studio Producer.

And these two strangers find out through a 23andme DNA test that they are siblings!

DNA Test Reveals Strangers Are Siblings

Christina took the test because she yearned to find her biological family. She felt as if her life was like a picture puzzle with critical pieces missing. Christina Sadberry wanted to know where she came from. She was curious to see if she had her father's eyes or perhaps her mom's personality.

At the same time, Raymond Turner knew there was a puzzle piece missing in his life too. He took the 23andMe DNA test because he wanted to know more about his roots in Africa and maybe plan a visit to the country as a family someday.

“There’s a homing device in each of our souls that wants to find home. Who I am, where do I fit into this crazy world? How am I connected to this person? I think those answers are necessary to find out more of who you are and you might be surprised along the way," he said. But then he got the results and learned right away, he had a half-sibling. He was utterly stunned but he went ahead and sent Christina a message through the 23andMe app.

These two strangers found out they are siblings. And as they began to message each other, they learned they shared the same father. But here's where it gets to be unbelievable; they learned they had probably passed each other in the halls of the Cook Hospital.

Long-Lost Siblings Discover Unbelievable Connection

Raymond learned he had actually driven by his sister's office on his way to work every morning. They also learned they like the exact same kind of butter pecan ice cream, and their order is identical for the Olive Garden!

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“Hugging him felt like home. Just to be around him felt like home," Christina said.

The siblings became close and began spending as much time together as possible until Christina was relocated to Florida for her job in the air force. The siblings still call and FaceTime as often as they can. Though they live in different states now, they both will tell you distance means nothing when it comes to family.

“There’s such a completeness when that puzzle piece fits into place. I’m just excited to get to know more about her. Find out more quirky things that we have in common and just enjoy what God has brought together," Raymond said.

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"I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27

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