Students Surprise Teacher Receiving No Pay With A Special Gift

Teacher With No Pay Receives Gift From Students

A middle school teacher found himself under a tremendous amount of financial strain when payroll delays left him without a paycheck for months. Then, in a real-life act of kindness, his students prepared a special gift. But the unpaid teacher had to find it first!

Bruno Rafael Paiva is a teacher in Brazil. But when he took a job covering for a friend out on maternity leave, the transition wasn’t easy.

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Problems with the system there delayed the necessary payroll paperwork. As a result, the school informed Bruno his paychecks would take a month or two to arrive. The process wound up dragging on even longer.

Bruno is so passionate about his student’s education, he continued teaching through all the snags. But the weeks without pay took a serious toll on his finances. He didn’t know how he was going to make ends meet.

“When I saw that I was not going to receive a month and a half's salary, I saw everything going black,” the unpaid teacher wrote on social media. “I sank into depression, worried and lost, without knowing how to pay the bills and help my family.”

In fact, things got so bad, Bruno started sleeping at the school because his home was in a different city!

But when the kids got wind of their teacher’s struggles, they desperately wanted to help.

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So, they secretly organized a raffle and pooled their money together. The students managed to raise about two-thirds of Bruno’s monthly salary!

Real-Life Acts Of Kindness: Students Surprise Unpaid Teacher

When Bruno showed up to class, his students had planned a surprise. They led their teacher around the room in a scavenger hunt of sorts. They guided him to different notes written by his students, with the final note directing him to a box on his desk.

Inside the box was the students’ incredible gift. Bruno was so humbled by the incredible gesture he couldn’t contain his emotions. And thankfully the students caught the special moment on camera!

When Bruno shared the video on social media, he opened up about how he has many classes he has “loved from the heart.” But never has a class shown him this great of a display of love and appreciation. He was truly humbled and inspired by the students’ compassion.

What a beautiful blessing for their role model. This will certainly restore your faith in the younger generation!

WATCH: Students Surprise Unpaid Teacher With Special Gift


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