Students Noticed Their Teacher Wore The Same Dress For 100 Days

An art teacher wore the same dress to school for 100 days and it's all for an inspiring reason. Teacher Julia Mooney started off her school year at a brand new middle school with no one she knew. That's when she decided to promote sustainable fashion in a very unique way. Julia purchased a $50 dress and made the decision to wear the article of clothing every single day for 100 days.

She didn't tell anyone that she was taking on this endeavor and she waited to see how long it took to notice. After just a few days, students started catching on. Some wondered if Julia was dared to wear the dress over and over again while others were concerned if the dress was being washed. Soon, she revealed the motive behind the repeat dress and her actions sparked a wave across the Internet.

Now, others are joining in on the 100-day challenge and committing to living larger than their clothes. Julia told Good Morning America reporters, "It's a good reminder that we should not let clothes define us. We should define ourselves based on more meaningful things and things of substance."

Students Noticed Their Teacher Wore The Same Dress For 100 Days


What a great message that the clothes on our backs don't define us. We are more than what we wear and Julia proved that multiple times over when the teacher wore the same dress over and over. Middle school students are faced with all kinds of self-esteem issues these days, especially with the rise in social media. What a great way to remind these kids that it's what's inside that truly counts.


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