Supermarket Christmas Ad Time Travels to Bring Joy

christmas ad

It is a time-honored tradition in the UK for retail stores to run huge Christmas ad campaigns, and this Christmas ad from supermarket giant Tesco brings all the smiles!

Each year, millions of people look forward to the creative and cinematic ads that are put out by the stores.

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From John Lewis to Lidl, each advertisement carries its own special message and story. This year, Tesco is leading the pack with its nostalgic look at Christmas traditions.

Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the UK. In honor of their 100th anniversary, Tesco is taking us back in time. Just watch as delivery driver Joel tackles his last stops before his shift ends on Christmas. When his truck gets tangled in some lights, he's instantly transported back in time.

‘Tesco’ Christmas Ad Time Travels to Bring Joy

This little ‘set back' isn't going to stop Joel from finishing his deliveries, so he continues to bring the packages to each address. He receives a warm welcome from everyone from historical figures to popular game show hosts. Each person is overjoyed to receive a box from Tesco.

No matter the time or place, Tesco has always been there for families during the Christmas season. Alessandra Bellini, the Tesco Chief Customer Officer remarked on the campaign saying, "2019 marks 100 years of Tesco helping families up and down the country celebrate Christmas. With the help of a delivery van, a cast from across the decades and a little bit of magic, we're telling that story."

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This advertisement will definitely take you back in time and leave you with a wonderful feeling of nostalgia!

WATCH: #DeliveringChristmas – Tesco Christmas Ad 2019

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