Everything About This Surprise Party Goes Wrong in Carol Burnett Show Skit and It’s Hilarious

surprise party goes wrong

When a surprise party goes wrong, it goes very wrong in this hilarious clip from one of the Carol Burnett Show’s funniest skits.

Everyone loves a good birthday celebration, especially the cake that often accompanies those shindigs. Throwing birthday parties is just one of the many ways to show friends and family how much we care and love them.

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But for those who are feeling a little more ambitious, there are surprise birthday parties. They do require a lot more planning and even some deception.

In a video posted on YouTube, Carol has put together a surprise birthday party for her husband. Almost everything is in place, and it’s nearly time for the man of honor to arrive home for the big surprise.

The food is complete and out, and guests are beginning to arrive as expected. But just as Carol is putting on the finishing touches for the gathering, the surprise party goes wrong. And Carol’s character triest so hard to keep things under control in the laugh-out-loud skit.

Things Quickly (And Hilariously) Go Off The Rails

Much to Carol's dismay, Carol's husband arrives home much earlier than normal. She is forced to improvise as she desperately tries to keep her husband in the dark about the party.

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As she inadvertently screams in his face and ear, Carol then sends him on a wild goose chase in their house after his keys. While this is happening, Carol hilariously shuffles the guests all over the house, hoping to keep them out of her husband's sight until the proper moment.

Things go from bad to worse when the guests are supposed to appear and surprise Carol's husband and shout, "Happy Birthday!" While they leave the kitchen and enter the living room, they slam Carol's husband in the face with the door, leaving him on the floor unconscious.

The failed surprise birthday party is yet another hysterically funny and classic skit from the legendary Carol Burnett and her iconic castmates.

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Proverbs 17:22 "A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry."

WATCH: Carol Burnett Show Surprise Party Goes Wrong

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