Mom Surprises Her Little Girl With A Pregnancy Announcement For Christmas

godpdates surprise pregnancy announcement during christmas

This mom is about to give her daughter a surprise pregnancy announcement during Christmas festivities. She always wanted a sibling, and now she is getting exactly what she asked for.

It's Christmas! Everyone is full of joy and cheer. All of the presents are opened, all except for one. Mama has a special present for her little girl. But she could not wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree. So, she waited for just the right moment to give her daughter her special Christmas gift.

Her daughter was sitting in a comfy rocking chair in front of the Christmas tree. Mama got the camera rolling because she wanted to capture her daughter's reaction when she shared the huge surprise. "Do you remember what you asked Santa for?", she asked her.

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After her mom jogged her memory a little bit, she remembers that she asked for a baby doll. But not just any babydoll. She wanted a baby doll that breathes, coos, and has a heartbeat. She wanted a sibling and that is exactly what she is getting for Christmas.

When her mom told her that she was going to be a big sister, she burst into tears of joy. "Mama!", she said in shock. She was so excited and jumped up out of the chair to give her mom a hug. Her mom showed her the ultrasound pictures of her new sibling growing inside her belly.

The new big sister-to-be was so happy. Mama asked her what gender did she wanted the baby to be. The two of them gave each other a high-five when she said "a boy. Mama wants the new baby to be a boy too! What an exciting surprise!

WATCH: Surprise Pregnancy Announcement For Daughter On Christmas

Credit: Youtube/RM Videos

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