Teen Spent 3 Months Personalizing Bible As Gift To Her Boyfriend

godupdates teen spent 3 months decorating 'every. single. page' of the Bible fb

Girlfriend Spent 3 Months Decorating ‘Every. Single. Page’ Of The Bible

When 16-year-old Reagan Lee of Georgia found out her boyfriend wanted a Bible for Christmas, she knew just what to do. She bought him one, of course. But then, this incredibly thoughtful girlfriend spent 3 months decorating ‘every. single. page’ of the Bible. And people are going crazy for this extreme case of bible journaling!

godupdates teen spent 3 months decorating 'every. single. page' of the Bible fb

Credit: Twitter / ‏@reaganlee17

When Reagan first met her boyfriend, 18-year-old Garrett Chisum, she was having some tough times. To help encourage Reagan, Garrett gave her his personal Bible, with one of the couple’s favorite verses highlighted.

And now that Garrett needed a new copy of God’s Word for himself, Reagan got her brilliant idea and spent 3 months decorating ‘every. single. page’ of the Bible!

"I figured a Bible would be a cute, really pure gift," she said. "And knowing my boyfriend, I knew he would love it even more if I customized it."

Each page featured handwritten notes, drawings, and designs crafted by the thoughtful teen.

Needless to say, the gift went over big with Garrett. But after Reagan posted her handiwork on Twitter, the thoughtful teen’s Scripture-inspired artwork earned thousands of fans!

"Dude...this is love," wrote one Twitter user.

“Beautiful gift. Well done!” said another.

Reagan did receive some negative comments by some who were offended she drew on a Bible. But the Bible journaling trend is actually becoming quite popular.

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Benefits Of Bible Journaling

In fact, Christianity Today makes some great points as to why this particular hobby is actually good for the soul, but also for our minds!

“Brain scans of people involved in activities like coloring reveal that as we focus, our heart rate slows and our brain waves enter a more relaxed state. Over time, by engaging in Scripture or prayer art-journaling, it may become easier for us to focus and pay attention in other areas of our lives as well.”

And isn’t the whole point of spending time with the Bible to immerse yourself in God’s Word? To let it soak in and saturate your soul? Yet, how often these days do people, let alone teens, pull out an actual physical Bible?

“Breaking out the art supplies and opening God's Word takes us back to a simpler, less stressful time, and it reminds us of what it is like just to be a child in God's presence,” says Tricia McCary Rhodes, co-founder of New Hope Church in San Diego, California. “Simply put, because of our incessant use of technology, even for Bible reading and prayer, our brains are being rewired so that it is almost impossible to spend time in quiet with God. In a buzzy, flashy, screen-filled age, we struggle to just be still and know. When we do try, our minds flit here and there, and we feel so anxious and restless that we soon give up. We need ways to counteract the negative impact of digital life, and Scripture or prayer art journaling does just that.”

These days, it’s impressive to see someone so young making God’s word such a priority. Well done, Reagan!

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