The One Who Gave it All – Senior Living – January 24

The One Who Gave it All

Follow God's example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. – Ephesians 5:1-2

Shel Silverstein is known for his children's stories that often carry a deep meaning for people of all ages. One of his more popular stories was a poem called The Giving Tree, about a tree who loves a little boy and finds purpose in making the boy happy.

At first the boy desires nothing but to climb on the tree's branches, eat apples, and lie in the shade.

But as the boy grows, his desires change. So the tree gives him apples to sell for money to have real fun, branches to build a house for a wife and family, and its trunk so he can build a boat and go sailing.

One day, the boy returns. By now, the tree has given him everything – all that remains is an old stump. The boy, now an old man, needs only a quiet place to sit and rest. And the Giving Tree gives once more.

That Giving Tree is a lot like Jesus, who emptied Himself to come to earth and die on the cross to give us new life – because of His great love.

You are the boy in the story, and Jesus is lavishing His love on you at this very moment. He will meet your every need, and will give Himself time and time again to do it!

Prayer Challenge:

Thank God for the incredible love of Jesus – that He gives you all you need.

Questions for Thought:

How does it make you feel that Jesus laid aside His heavenly majesty to die on the cross for you?

What would it look like for you to love others like that?

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