These 10 Unusual Animal Friendships Are Amazing. #5 Just Melted My Heart To Pieces!

True friends come in many shapes and sizes… never judge a book by its cover, because you never know who might turn out to be a wonderful friend! The pictures below show many strange animal friendships that have been witnessed by humans. They’re adorable, unique and just too touching!

Check them out below!

#10 – A calf and a fawn

These two babies both have beautiful brown eyes and soft coats… and warm hearts! We can tell this friendship will be long lasting on their farm!

#9 – A kitten and a foal

Lots of interesting animal friendships can start on a farm, but this one is REALLY strange! Most barn cats don’t bond with the horses inside, but this kitten had a good idea. 🙂

#8 – A dog and a fawn

This little fawn was rescued from the wilderness when she lost her mama, but thankfully she found a brand new mom. His name might have been Rover or Patches, but he loved her just the same!

#7 – A cat and a dolphin

This is one animal friendship that will make you look twice! This cat’s owners caught him, on film, befriending a dolphin at the local marina. You won’t believe your eyes, but these two became fast friends!

#6 – A kitten and a fawn

Baby deer are so helpless that almost any animal will want to become friends. This fuzzy kitten took to snuggling up to the warm, soft fawn almost right away!

#5 – A squirrel and a kitten

 Most people think squirrels are pests, but this kitten certainly does not! In fact, she considers herself to be this baby squirrel’s adopted sister.

#4 – A baby rabbit and a dog

No friend can be too big or too small – and these two pals prove it! This adopted baby bunny fit right in with the family of pets when the owners brought him inside. The pit bull

#3 – A hedgehog and a baby rabbit

 This a picture from when these two pets were first introduced, but don’t worry, no one got pricked! This baby rabbit looks like he wants to taste his new friend. 🙂

#2 – A kitten and a dog

This is one friendship we can’t see often enough! There are too many cats and dogs that don’t get along, why don’t they realize that they can be the BEST of friends?

#1 – A rat and a cat

These two natural enemies… are now friends! Instead of spending time chasing the rat, this cat just wants to cuddle with him. We love it!