This 10 Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome Scores Big! The ROAR From The Crowd Gave Me Goosebumps.

Listen to the ROAR!

This 10 year-old from Scotland is a fan of the Scottish soccer team, Celtic. Jay Beatty had a chance to attend a recent game and was asked to take the field during half-time and was given the chance to score a goal. This amazing expression of love and sportsmanship was in full-force as the over 6,000 fans cheered him on. Oh, and by the way, Jay has Down Syndrome but that was not on anyone’s mind today.

“When Jay was born, we hoped and prayed that people would treat him with respect,” Martin Beatty, Jay’s father, posted on Facebook. “Because of his love of the greatest club in the world, his life has become a dream come true. We thought 2014 was just amazing but today was something else.”

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