This Abandoned Dog Was Desperate. But Jumping Into This Car SAVED Her Life!

A Home For Kelsey

God can work amazing miracles that bring people together. But it's not just people that he brings together. His hand can also be seen in the four legged companions brought into our lives. And His hand was definitely in the rescue story of this sweet pup, Kelsey.

Read on to witness the amazing transformation that took place once she found someone to love her.

This poor dog had been abandoned, and was left roaming the streets. Malnourished and suffering from skin parasites, Kelsey had lost nearly all her fur, leaving her vulnerable to burns from the bright sun.

But God knew just what Kelsey needed. . .and who needed her. When one family drove past her, they just knew they had to help the suffering pup. So, they pulled over, and with a bit of coaxing, Kelsey hopped into their car. Little did she know, she was off to a whole new life.

After all she'd been through, you might expect a dog like this to be jumpy or aggressive. Kelsey was just the opposite. The hard knock life she'd lived for so long had not tainted her sweet soul.

Kelsey's new family took her to the vet, where she could get the help she so desperately needed. And while the doctors came up with a treatment plan, Kelsey received some long overdue TLC.


Credit: Acid Cow

And the precious pooch gladly soaked up every second.

And then Kelsey went home with her new family to heal. She got to experience what a normal life was like — one filled with love from a family. She even made friends with the other family dog.

And what a difference it has all made! Her skin has healed and her fur has begun growing back. She barely resembles the emaciated dog found on the side of the road.

What a stark difference to the lifestyle Kelsey was living before. She now has a nice soft bed, and regular snuggles.

Aren't you glad that the kindness of strangers does not just extend to people? I know Kelsey sure is!

"Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel." Proverbs 12:10


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h/t: Diply

Featured Image Credit: Acid Cow