Woman Throws Away Winning Lottery Ticket At Walmart So Worker Fishes It Out Of The Trash

throws away winning lottery ticket maria pollard

A woman throws away a winning lottery ticket at Walmart so a worker fishes it out of the trash and does the right thing.

Walmart clerk Sheila Lane couldn't believe her eyes when she spied the gem in the trash after a customer tossed it. Now, Maria Pollard owes Sheila a big thank you!

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Maria had purchased three lottery tickets. After she scratched them off in the store, she didn’t think any were winners. So, without realizing it, Maria throws away a winning lottery ticket in the trash while Sheila watched.

Walmart Employee Realizes Customer’s $100k Mistake

Sheila took a look at the discarded and trashed lottery tickets. And she realized one of them was a winning ticket. Armed with impeccable customer service skills, Sheila reached in the trash to retrieve the winning ticket to give it back to Maria.

Isn't that incredible? She could've waited until Maria left and taken the cash prize for herself! Instead, Sheila ensured Maria got the message loud and clear she had just won $100,000. What an incredibly selfless and honorable thing to do.

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When Lottery officials asked Maria what she had planned to do with her winnings, she told them she wants to take her family on a nice, long family vacation where they can make some good memories.

As for Sheila, this story leaves that part unresolved. We don't know if Maria gave her a simple thank you or did she give her a generous tip? Did Maria go back to the store later to tip Sheila for her valuable tip that one of Maria's lottery tickets was indeed a winner?

We will never know. I like to think Sheila was well compensated for doing the right thing by Sheila or Walmart. But even she wasn't, God saw her do the right thing so He knows!

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"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary." Galatians 6:9

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