Mama Cat Rejects Her Baby And This Tiny Kitten Rescue May Be The Sweetest Thing I’ve Seen

tiny kitten rescue guinness

Beth Walden and her family stepped in for a tiny kitten rescue after a mama cat rejected her baby. And this adorable little guy is proving big things can come in very small packages!

A tiny kitten named Guinness was born “the runt.” Perhaps that’s why his mama rejected him. Thankfully, his human caretakers weren’t so quick to give up on him.

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When Beth Walden heard about Guinness’ plight, she and her family quickly agreed to rescue the tiny kitten. At 3-weeks-old, the little guy was malnourished and weighed only 3.5 ounces. He was more like a newborn.

But Beth and her family loved Guinness right away. And with just one look at the precious kitty, it’s easy to see why. He’s about as cute as they come!

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“He didn’t know how to latch when I first got him,” Beth explained. “I had to basically dribble the formula in his mouth and he would drink it.”

In addition to malnourishment, Guinness suffered from an eye infection and couldn’t see. The vet wasn’t even sure if they’d be able to save both of his eyes. But Beth and her family were determined to see this tiny kitten rescue through!

“He was just so tiny it was shocking. But I knew he was a little fighter since he had made it three weeks in the condition he was in,” Beth said.

Tiny Kitten Rescue Makes Big Strides In Healing

It took a few days and round the clock feeding, but Guinness started putting on weight. And if he wasn’t giving up, neither was Beth. She selflessly underwent many sleepless nights making sure her tiny kitten rescue got all the help he could.

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This family’s love made all the difference in the world. Guinness’ eye infection completely cleared up, leaving him with two fully functioning eyes. And he continues to gain weight and grow stronger each day.

“He’s been strong from the first day I had him,” Beth said.

WATCH: Guinness The Kitten Is Thriving

In addition to his fighting spirit, this little guy has a true passion for cuddling.

“Guinness is definitely a cuddler. He sleeps with me and is just starting to figure out his purring,” Beth explained. “He’s wrapped up like a purrito then I snuggle him. He tucks his head in and crawls out when he wakes up.”

Guinness is truly thriving in his new home. And he doesn’t just have his loving humans cheering him on. The tiny kitten rescue gets support from the other pets in the house, too.

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You can keep up with this tiny warrior’s journey by visiting The_Kitten_Guinness on Instagram.

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We are meant to show love for all of God’s creatures, And Guinness the kitten may be small, but we just know God has BIG things in store for him!

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