Woman Issues A Tip Challenge Online And It Has Strangers Everywhere Changing People’s Lives

tip challenge

One woman started a tip challenge on TikTok and it has now gone viral with spreading kindness and generous tips to hard-working employees in the service industry!

This challenge was dreamt up by Lexy Kadey Burke, who use to work in the service industry in Nashville. Once the coronavirus swept the country and the restaurant industry took a big hit, Lexy knew she wanted to help in some way. She decided to ask her social media followers on TikTok, now almost 300,000 people and counting, to join her in a challenge to raise money online for these workers. And since May, Lexy has been able to raise over $18,000!

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"I thought, why don't we pay it forward by tipping a server who's been out of work," Lexy says. "So I set a small goal, and it blew up!"

The money has been used to surprise many restaurant workers with generous tips. One of those tips was $600 for Danielle Melvin. She is a mother of three who works at a Cheesecake Factory in Baltimore, Maryland. She shares a message with other mothers who may be struggling right now.

"Blessings come at the time that you least expect it. Just keep hope," Danielle says.

Challenge On Social Media Used To Spread Kindness

Lexy's tip challenge has also inspired others to do similar acts of kindness. Dan Pew from Ohio started a similar fundraising campaign and was able to use some of the money that was raised to bless a server named Aubrey from Virginia Beach. She had recently been out of work for 2 months.

"It's really special to be able to give back to these folks that are risking their health and providing for their families," Dan says.

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During this difficult time, it is wonderful to see people coming together to support one another. These acts of kindness make a world of difference for some people. And what a great way to spread love to those around us!

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