Cashiers Don’t Usually Get Much Of A Tip For Takeout But 1 Kind Stranger Is Changing All That

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A kind stranger decided to drive around to different drive-thru restaurants, surprising the cashiers with a huge tip for takeout. And the heartwarming video shows just how much an act of kindness can change someone’s whole day!

"Do you guys do tips?" the young man asks a barista after putting in his order. "Yeah, we do," she says with a smile.

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"Ok, sweet," he says as he hands her his credit card. "How much do you want to do?" she asks him. When he says, "I'll do $200" the barista is shocked! This is a huge tip for takeout and she walks away in disbelief, trying not to cry.

"Thank you so much," she says, full of so much gratitude. "People aren't doing good in life so they're having a bad mood or whatever. And then you come rolling through like ‘You guys want to have a good day? Here you go!' Thank you!"

Act Of Kindness For Cashiers

This interaction wasn't the only drive-thru experience that ended in a big tip for takeout from this kind stranger! He left a $40 tip for one cashier after finding out that she was a student who had a 4.0 GPA.

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He also gave a tip of $100 to someone after picking up a takeout order. "That's a lot of money! Thank you!" said the server in complete disbelief after receiving such a big tip on takeout.

During another drive-thru interaction, the guy asked if the cashiers split the tips. When he found out that they did, he tipped them $200. The co-workers congregated at the drive-thru window to thank the man, and even one of the employees was getting emotional. "I'm gonna cry!" she exclaimed.

What a heartwarming thing to see! During a time when many people are struggling financially and stressing over how they are going to pay the bills, it is so wonderful to see someone blessing others with the kindness from his heart.

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We hope that this was able to bring you hope and uplift your spirits, as well as encourage you to find a way to bless someone else today!

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