Pizza Delivery Guy Spots Toddler On The Street At 3 AM And Jumps Into Action

man saves toddler walking the street

One kind man's action likely saved the life of a toddler who had snuck out of the house in the middle of the night.

Children are precious beings who depend on others for food, shelter and safety. Without love and kindness from a parent or some other caring individual, little children would not survive.

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Thankfully, for one nearly 3-year-old girl, Gabe Botello is a kind, caring and compassionate individual who also happens to be a father of seven, according to Fox 17.

In early March, Gabe, a pizza delivery driver in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was delivering pizza pies late one night when he noticed something rather odd. He spotted a toddler by herself wandering around a parking lot.

It was 3 a.m. and the roaming toddler was only outfitted in a t-shirt, a diaper and socks. It's likely the child was freezing, looking for someplace to stay warm.

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Gabe, when he first spotted the child, was in the process of making a delivery. But after successfully delivering the pizza, Gabe went back and began searching for the child.

"I went back looking for her [and] I didn’t find her, so I got in my car, I drove around for a minute," Gabe said. "I didn’t find her [so] I started pulling into parking lots."

The Pizza Delivery Driver Found The Little Girl Behind Cement Blocks

Thankfully, Gabe did eventually come across the child. He found the little girl near a factory, "curled up between two cement blocks."

Gabe sprang into action. He called 911 for help and then after reaching out to emergency services, put a hoodie on the young child. Additionally, Gabe provided her with some water and attempted to soothe the child. Gabe told the outlet that he rubbed her back, letting her know she was safe and everything would be Ok.

"She was so just, like, exhausted and cold," Gabe said.

Authorities successfully return the child to her mother. She was unaware the little girl was missing, believing her to have been asleep in the house.

However, Gabe called for others to give the child’s mother some grace.

"I don’t think it was anything purposeful, nobody just lets a little kid out. It's just sad,” Gabe said. "I just tried to do what I could. I assume somebody would do the same for my kids."

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Thank God for someone like Gabe who cared enough to search for, protect and bring the little girl to safety. The world is a dangerous place and who knows what kind of evil could have resulted if not for Gabe.

"Let it not seem to you that one of these little ones is of no value; for I say to you that in heaven their angels see at all times the face of my Father in heaven."Matthew 18:10

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