Toddler Tries Ice Cream For The First Time And His Reaction Is Adorable

godupdates toddler's first time tasting ice cream

When little children try new food, their reactions can be so hilarious. It is this toddler’s first time tasting ice cream and his reaction is the cutest thing!

This little boy, named Ty, is tasting ice cream for the very first time. And little does he know, his life is about to change completely. Ice cream is about to be his new favorite treat!

His dad grabs him a scoop of the frozen treat on his toddler-sized spoon. And as soon the spoon reached Ty's little lips and takes a bite. He does not expect such a cold sensation at first and got a brain freeze. His reaction to it made everyone laugh.

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His daddy offered him another bite of chocolate ice cream and Ty sure did enjoy that one! He immediately giggled with glee. He made that most heart-melting face. You can tell that he was delighted by the taste. It was the cutest thing! I do not remember the first time I tried ice cream, but I am sure I probably fell in love just like this little guy!

He could not get enough. He claps his hands and asks for more, and daddy gives him another spoonful. And Ty just stood there with a big smile on his face, holding the ice cream in his mouth a little while before swallowing the chocolatey, frozen goodness. His family cannot help but giggle at how adorable Ty is. Who else was smiling with them?

WATCH: Toddler’s First Time Tasting Ice Cream

Credit: Rumble/kbarbi81

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