Survivor Of The Manchester Attack Returns With Her Dance Team To Audition For Britain’s Got Talent

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An amazing dance team wowed the judges with a touching Manchester dance tribute. And one of their dancers is one of the survivors of the attack.

13-year-old Hollie is an incredible dancer with an incredible story. Her mom surprised her with tickets to see Ariana Grande in Manchester last year. Hollie, Hollie's mom, and her aunt Kelly went to the concert and was enjoying the evening. But when they were about to leave, a bomb went off.

Sadly, Aunt Kelly died right at the scene and Hollie was badly injured. She suffered a broken knee, a broken foot, a broken leg, and severe nerve damage. But that did not discourage Hollie from wanting to do what she loved. Despite having to have 11 surgeries, all Hollie thought about was if and when she would be able to dance again.

She wanted to continue dancing and her dance team wanted to make that happen for her. Her dance team supported her burning desire to dance and their choreographer came up with routines that creatively included Hollie in her wheelchair. And they are taking it to Britain's Got Talent.

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Hollie returned back to Manchester, not as a victim, but as a victor. And her dance team, RISE, is right beside her. With their audition, they are paying tribute to the victims of the devastating terrorist attack that happened last year in Manchester. Being able to dance on stage in Manchester is a big moment for Hollie and the RISE dance team. And they did a remarkable job.

They performed to a medley of a few of Ariana Grande's songs which made their performance all the more touching. From her wheelchair, Hollie did the most amazing dance moves. And at some point in her choreography, she even stood up. The dance team used wheelchairs throughout their dance routine as well and it was so creative.

One of the judges commented on how Hollie turned a negative situation into something positive. There was not a dry eye in the auditorium. Everyone in the audience was moved and the girls were so emotional also. They could not stop crying. The judges just had to go backstage after voting to meet and hug the girls.

WATCH: Touching Manchester Dance Tribute

Credit: Youtube/Britain’s Got Talent

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