Traffic Jam Stops Woman Rushing Her Dying Dog To The Vet But God Sends A Special Angel

dying dog

Do you believe in miracles? Imagine how frightened you'd be if you were rushing your dying dog to the vet when you encountered a traffic jam. That's exactly what happened to Teresa Perkins. And when she was at her lowest, God sent her a special angel.

Teresa Perkins had no idea the danger her pup Jett was in when her daughter called and said the dog had a ball stuck in his throat. Jett and her daughter were enjoying a game of fetch together when Jett caught the ball like he always did. But this time, something was very wrong.

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Jett caught the ball in his mouth, but he didn't drop it, and it couldn't be pried out by hand. The worried daughter called her mom, Teresa, who rushed home and tried to pull the ball out, but couldn't. The dog's saliva made the ball too slippery. Jett, a three-year-old, 120-pound black German Shepard was in that moment, struggling to breathe.

Teresa quickly loaded Jett in the backseat of her car and sped towards the veterinary clinic. She drove at 80 mph on the highway, trying her best to save Jett. But then, halfway to the clinic, Teresa got stuck in construction traffic. She could hear Jett's continued struggling breaths and knew she only had moments left to save her pet. Not knowing what else to do, she started blowing her horn repeatedly. And she prayed.

Dying Dog Is Rushed To Hospital But Gets Stuck In Traffic Jam

The loud horn grabbed the attention of three construction workers including one man named Cavaja Holt. They approached her vehicle. Panicked, Teresa told them that Jett was dying. “He was laying in the car, not moving. I had heard him breathe, like gasping, but then he quit. I was frantically crying and praying," Teresa said.

Cavaja managed to pull the ball out of the dog's mouth, but Jett still wasn't breathing. "Breathe in his mouth, breathe in his mouth," one of the workers behind Cavaja said. He did that and Teresa got out of the car herself to perform chest compressions. The duo worked together and successfully resuscitated Jett. Teresa cried and thanked Cavaja nonstop.

With Jett breathing again, she finished her visit to the veterinarian. They waited in the parking lot for five minutes before Jett was well enough to walk inside. Once the doctor cleared him, they were good to go home.

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Ironically, Teresa and Cavaja, who hadn't exchanged names during all the commotion, were each looking for one another afterward. Cavaja wanted to check on the dog's condition and make sure Jett was OK. Teresa wanted to know who her hero was so she could properly thank him by name.. Someone helped them get connected online and they met the next day to reconnect. Teresa drove to the construction site, thanked Cavaja, and took a picture of him and Jett together.

“The man is truly a hero,” Perkins said. “I am so thankful for him.”Praise God for this angel by the side of the road who helped Teresa and Jett in their time of need. And thanks be to Him for the random acts of kindness from strangers that show the love of Jesus in action.

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h/t: USA Today