Doctors Give Couple Terrible News But They Trust God And Their Baby Defies All Expectations

trisomy 18 fetal ultrasound

After a Trisomy 18 fetal ultrasound, doctors warned Will and Sarah Mortensen about moving forward with their pregnancy. But the couple prayed and trusted God for a miracle.

The Bible is filled with miracles as God consistently demonstrates his power and love. However, most, if they are honest, would likely say that miracles don't happen today. But Will and Sarah know from personal experience that God still performs miracles today.

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In a clip posted on YouTube, Sarah, while 10 weeks pregnant with her and Will's third child, received the results of a prenatal fetal ultrasound screening. It revealed that their child, a girl, had tested positive for Trisomy 18.

Trisomy 18 is a rare chromosomal disorder in which 95 percent of unborn children do not survive a full-term pregnancy. Children with Trisomy 18 who do make it to birth rarely make it past their first birthday, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Knowing these facts, Will and Sarah faced an uncertain future. How were they going to proceed?

Couple Puts Faith In God Over Trisomy 18 Fetal Ultrasound

Sarah was scheduled to undergo a Trisomy 18 fetal ultrasound that would have confirmed the diagnosis, which would guide them on how to move forward.

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One day, Sarah cried out to God, asking for His help, guidance and direction. She says immediately God responded, speaking to her through the voice of her unborn child.

"And then, right then, it was, like, so clear of feeling her voice say, ‘Like, Mommy, tell them to leave me alone. I'm just fine,'" Sarah said.

The couple decided to cancel the test and move ahead with the pregnancy. However, they would not know for sure if their unborn daughter had Trisomy 18 or not.

For the next 30 weeks, Sarah, Will and their families prayed and prayed.

On the delivery day, Sarah and Will's third child was born. As the video mentions, the child had no sign of Trisomy 18.

"It was such a great moment because I just knew that the Lord had told me this was going to be the outcome," Sarah said.

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Sarah, now a mother of three, saw firsthand the work of the Lord.

"God gave me a miracle," Sarah said. "He saved my baby."

Psalm 95:3 "For the Lord is a great God, and great King over all gods."

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