Two Brothers Saved A 61-Year-Old Lady’s Life When She Was Sinking In Her Vehicle

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Two brothers rescued an elderly woman whose vehicle was sinking in a body of water. You have got to hear this story.

Seth and His brother, Matt was traveling home when they saw a sinking vehicle. They were driving a highway that had pools of water from melted snow. A 61-year-old lady was traveling ahead of Seth and Matt when she drove through a puddle and lost control of her vehicle.

The elderly lady ended up sliding into a portion of the highway that was flooded with water. The waters were deep and her car started sinking. She was able to get out of her vehicle through the passenger window and climb on the roof.

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Seth and Matt did not see her slide but as they approached that end of the highway, they noticed that the vehicle was slowly sinking. They assumed that someone probably left the vehicle, but they wanted to be sure they no one was trapped in the car. So they turned off their truck so that they can hear if anyone was screaming for help. And sure enough, they heard a voice coming from the vehicle, crying out in distress.

By this time, the vehicle was almost fully submerged with the water rising up to the windows of the car. That is when Seth dove into the body of 30-degree water to swim to the car to help. Matt turned back on the truck so that the headlights would light the way from Seth to return with the person the lady they rescued.

Seth rescued the lady and helped her swim to their truck. They gave her a warm blanket and drove her home safely with her husband. Thank God they were there to help! Who knows what would have happened.

WATCH: Two Brothers Rescued An Elderly Lady Sinking In Her Vehicle

Credit: Facebook/KULR8 News

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