Children Learn How To Master Teamwork On A Playground Contraption

godupdates unique playground contraption

A very unique playground contraption was built on a playground to teach children teamwork and confidence. I love exercises like this because it helps build so much character!

The contraption on the playground looks like a windmill with four legs. It will go in a complete circle, but the catch is that a child had to be on each leg of the windmill. The children had to figure out a way to keep the windmill turning.

It took a little while for them to get the hang of it. One of the little girls climbed up on the side of the windmill and got on the top leg. And the rest of the children figured out how they can climb on a leg too.

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The person who was recording was coaching them and helping them come up with a strategy to get the windmill going. And it was not until all of them stood on each other the legs, that the windmill turning consistently. And they got so excited!

This is such a great example of teamwork and how we need each other to accomplish a goal. The goal of this contraption was to have everyone work together and they accomplished that goal!

And the children had a good time going around and around, riding the windmill. They were smiling, laughing and waving their hands up in the air when their leg reached the top. And when it was time for them to climb off, they took their time to help each other get off safely. What a great exercise!

WATCH: Unique Playground Contraption Teaches Teamwork

Credit: Youtube/Viralhog

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