She Had Given Up On Pregnancy Until A Special Angel And Uterus Transplant Changed Everything

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Chelsea Jovanovich had given up on pregnancy until a uterus transplant helped her bring life into this world. And she also met her ‘soul sister’ along the way in this positive news story!

Most women dream of becoming a mom. They dream of counting ten little toes and kissing their baby's darling little nose. When the time comes, they dream of eating all the ice cream they want and feeling their miracle of love kicking in their wombs.

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At least, this is what Chelsea Jovanovich dreamed of until she received the news she would never carry a baby on her own. Diagnosed with a rare disorder, Chelsea came to terms that she would never get pregnant.

“I definitely always knew I wanted to be a mom,” she said. “That’s all I ever really wanted.”

But in her darkest moment, God was already shedding light upon her heart's desire. And He had already laid out plans for her to become a mother through miraculous technology and with a little help from a special angel on earth.

Stranger Helps Woman Become Mom Through Uterus Transplant

Cheryl Urban, a complete stranger lived on the other side of the United States. With two growing kids of her own, she felt her family was complete.

One morning when Cheryl was watching the news, she learned about the PennMedicine’s Uterus Transplantation Trial, and she knew in her heart she wanted to make a difference in the life of another woman. The next day Cheryl applied, and she was accepted. She was then matched with Chelsea for a uterus transplant.

Without having met Chelsea or knowing anything about her, Cheryl underwent surgery to donate her uterus to a complete stranger. And Chelsea knew this stranger was someone incredible.

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“Who in their right mind would want to undergo a 14-hour operation for a stranger?” Chelsea wondered. “I knew she had to be someone special.”

Miraculous Experience Creates Life-Long Bond

The pair didn't get to meet until nearly 18 months after the uterus transplant when Chelsea had become pregnant!

“She is my angel on earth. Without her, I would not have my family,” Chelsea said. “I’m so very grateful.”

Chelsea felt so much gratitude, she wanted to commemorate this wonderful woman and invited her not only to her maternity photoshoot but to also meet her son, Telden Walker Jovanovich. And meeting this beautiful blessing from God was a powerful moment for Cheryl, too.

“I can’t believe it worked,” she said. “He’s perfect. A true, true miracle.”

Can you imagine what an incredible moment that was? To meet a child you helped bring in the world because you chose to donate a part of you? It is truly an incredible gift.

Through the uterus transplant experience, the pair now have a special forever bond as "soul sisters."

“She cried. I cried. We all cried,” Chelsea said. “She risked her life to give me this beautiful gift – we did it together. I’m just so very grateful.”

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"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." Philippians 1:3

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