100-Year-Old Veteran Raises $11 Million Using Only His Walker To Support Those Affected By COVID-19

veteran raises $11 million

A 100-year-old veteran raises $11 million using only his walker to support those affected by COVID-19. Tom Moore, a British war veteran, came up with this great challenge for people; he is raising money for Britain's National Health Service by taking 10 laps around his garden daily.

Tom has a home in Bedfordshire, England. After a recent hip-replacement, Tom's daughter, Hannah, persuaded him to turn his daily exercises into a fundraising challenge. With the help of his grandson, Benji, they set up a Twitter account for Tom.

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Within a day's time, Tom had already exceeded his goal of raising $1,257. His success didn't stop there. The donations just kept coming, almost reaching $11 million. His donors total over 45,000, and he keeps in touch with supporters through Twitter. He now has over 48,000 followers on the social media site.

All of the proceeds supplied to the National Health Service are divided into supporting hospitals, hospital staff, volunteers, and patients in the UK area affected by COVID-19.

Veteran Raises $11 Million For NHS

Tom' s desire to raise began in earnest when he felt a need to show his gratitude for hospitals. Not only had he undergone a hip replacement, this World War II veteran known as Captain Tom has also had his struggle with cancer. He has personally witnessed the bravery of hospitals as they work to support patients.

In an interview with the BBC, he responded to what he was doing for hospitals. "When you think of who it is all for-all those brave and super doctors and nurses we have got-I think they deserve every penny, and I hope we get some more for them too."

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Tom turned 100 on April 30th. As of now, he will continue to take his laps, and raise money to support those engaged as front line workers in the war against the coronavirus. He inspires us with what people can do from the safety of their homes to not only stay connected to others but also provide support and relief to those affected by the virus.

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Captain Tom Moore