Hollywood Blacklisted Victoria Jackson, Comedian From Saturday Night Live, For Believing in Jesus

snl alum victoria jackson mentions how her faith has hurt her career

One former "Saturday Night Live" cast mate claims she was unable to get work in Hollywood due to her faith in Jesus Christ.

Hollywood, and entertainment in general, can be a difficult place to break into and find sustained success. However, for someone with Christian beliefs, it can be an even tougher place to work. In fact, holding such thoughts and opinions can lead to being blacklisted from the industry.

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Actress Victoria Jackson claims she has experienced such treatment, where she has not gotten work because of religious beliefs.

Victoria appeared on SNL from 1986 to 1992. During her time on the show, she worked with big names in the world of comedy. The cast during her run on the show included Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, Adam Sandler, David Spade and Chris Rock, to name a few.

During her time on the show, Jackson had an interaction with one of the show's writers at the time, former Senator Al Franken, according to Star Tribune.

Al approached Victoria and raised an issue with her always acting dumb when not on set. She responded that he had perhaps mistaken her actions for her being constantly concerned about everyone's salvation. Instead of answering, Al walked away, the outlet reports.

Victoria did a sitcom about a Las Vegas showgirl falling in love with a taxi driver after leaving SNL. None of the networks picked up the show.

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Victoria has also spoken out about former President Obama and the program "Glee" when it featured a kiss between two men.

“I was blacklisted,” Victoria said. “The only people you can make fun of is blondes - dumb blonde jokes. You can’t make fun of Muslims, or you die.”

Additionally, Victoria was a lead in a film in 1986. However, Victoria, who had a nude scene in the film, would never go on to headline a film again.

“I can’t help but think God was saying, ‘Vicki, you crossed the line. I’m not going to bless your movie career,” she said.

In that same interview, Victoria mentions that she is no longer a fan of SNL, claiming that they "push a far-left agenda" in order to "indoctrinate a new generation."

Victoria, during an interview on The Becket Cook Show, talked about her religious upbringing and her time on SNL.

Victoria Jackson Talks About Her Religious Upbringing, Raising an Issue About An SNL Sketch

"I was raised in a Southern Baptist home," she said. "My dad was a gymnastics coach, p.e. teacher and he was a Baptist deacon. And so, I was always in church or the gym."

Victoria recalled a time when she couldn't do an SNL sketch. She said the sketch was making fun of prayer. So, she took her concerns to the show's producer and creator Lorne Michaels.

"He goes, ‘I understand, no problem,'" Victoria said. "I mean, he was very nice to me, and he respected, he respected me."

Victoria also mentioned how Jesus Christ became her Lord and Savior as a six-year-old child.

"When I was six, I learned to read and I think that's why John 3:16 hit me," she said. "Yeah, all of a sudden one day ‘cause I heard it for five years. But when I was six, I was like ‘Oh' and I think it's because I learned to read. And I said, ‘Daddy, would you kneel next to my bed with me so I can ask Jesus into my heart?'"

"You will be hated by all men for my name's sake, but he who endures to the end will be saved."Matthew 10:22

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