Which Disney Aladdin Live Action Cast Members Are Christians?

Aladdin Live Action Christian Cast

After much anticipation, Disney's Aladdin Live Action movie hits theaters May 24, 2019. It will be exciting to see how the new movie brings to life the beloved animated story of a street kid who wins the heart of a royal princess thanks to the help of a magical genie. Now, Disney had a hard time finding the perfect leads for this film. It took many, many rounds of auditions for them to find the right cast. But it appears that they found the perfect match for each role after watching the movie's trailer. Mena Massoud is playing Aladdin and Naomi Scott will be Princess Jasmine. For the genie, the well-known and talented Will Smith will take on that role. As for each cast members’ faith, you may be surprised to hear that they are all Christian!

Mena Massoud Who Plays Aladdin And His Christian Upbringing

Mena Massoud is a 27-year-old who was born in Cario, Egypt and moved to Ontario, Canada when he was a young boy. He attended a Catholic high school and was raised by his Coptic Orthodox Christian parents. The Coptic church was one of the earliest Christian populations in the Middle East. It is the largest Christian denomination in Egypt.

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His career has been rising through the years as he has appeared in several films and TV shows including “Combat Hospital," “Masters in Crime,” and “Ordinary Days.” He has also landed a role on the upcoming Amazon TV series called "Jack Ryan."

Naomi Scott Who Plays Jasmine In Aladdin Live Action Movie And Her Christian Faith

Naomi Scott is 26-years-old and was born in London, England. Her parents, Usha and Christopher Scott, are pastors of the Bridge Church Woodford in Redbridge, England. Naomi married soccer player Jordan Spence in 2014.

Before she landed the role of Princess Jasmine, Naomi was best-know for playing The Pink Ranger, Kimberly, in the 2017 Power Rangers film. In addition to being a talented actress, Naomi is also a singer, songwriter, and worship leader. And her faith has always played an important role in her life and music.

"God is the ultimate creative force. Growing up in the Church fostered an inner spirituality that also introduced me to the concept of music having a deeper meaning," explains Naomi. "There has always been a connection between my faith and realizing that music can have a soul and purpose, which has ultimately affected the way I approach the art. Listening to soulful vocalists like Mary Mary and Kim Burrell, playing the piano and leading worship, has directly shaped my artistry."

Will Smith And His Christian Beliefs

Audiences are excited to see Will Smith in his newest role as the genie in the Aladdin Live Action movie. And it will be interesting to see if this movie will have as much success as the previous films that he has been a part of. For the record, 17 of his past 21 films that he has had leading roles in have accumulated worldwide gross earnings of over $100 million each.

He has definitely enjoyed much success in his career, but Will Smith did come from humble beginnings. He was raised Baptist and went to a Catholic school. In an interview, Will talked about how his grandmother was a huge part of his faith walk.

“My grandmother was really my connection to God. She was my spiritual teacher, she was that grandmother at the church, the one having the kids doing the Easter presentations and putting on the Christmas plays and her kids and grandkids had to be first," says Will. "She was the most spiritually certain person that I had ever met in my entire life."

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As for his Christian faith and Hollywood career, Will Smith is known for respecting his industry friends' beliefs while staying true to his. "You don't have to be Jewish to be a friend of Steven Spielberg. You don't have to be a Muslim to be a friend of Muhammad Ali,” says Will. “I am a Christian, and I respect all people and all paths.”

Aladdin Live Action Cast

Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith are sure to entertain audiences as the leads in Disney's Aladdin Live Action film. And it's great to see that these talented actors have a Christian faith and can use their platform to shine God's love.

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