Why You Can Trust the Truth of Your Faith – Senior Living – March 19

Why you can trust the truth of your faith

March 19

It is written: "‘As surely as I live,' says the Lord,‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'" – >Romans 14:11

Many years ago when some of the very first British explorers went to Australia for the first time, they discovered a mammal which laid eggs and spent some time in water. It had a broad, flat tail, webbed feet, and a bill similar to a duck.

This animal, later named the duck-billed platypus, confounded people as it was described. In fact, most people who heard about it felt it was a hoax. Even later when explorers returned with a pelt of the animal, the English populace accused them of sewing together parts of different animals.

In spite of the evidence, the people believed what they wanted to believe. Yet most people would agree that one's beliefs about a certain thing have no bearing on whether it is truthful or not. You can believe with all your heart there is a pink elephant right behind you, but that doesn't make it true. Likewise, there are many people dedicated to the belief the earth is flat. And no matter how much they believe it, it's just not true.

The truth is the truth. And though the claims of Christ may seem farfetched for some, the reality is that we have an empty tomb to validate it all. So don't be discouraged by the scoffers. Hold fast to the truth of your faith and trust the promise that one day, all will see Christ in His glory.

Prayer Challenge

Pray and ask God to empower your faith and help you look forward to the day when all will see Jesus.

Questions for Thought

Why do you think the claims of Christianity are outlandish for some people?

How might having a deeper assurance in the truth of Christ help you to be more intentional about sharing the gospel with others?

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