Music Video for ‘Woman At The Well’ by Olivia Lane Features Moving Scenes from ‘The Chosen’

woman at the well by olivia lane

In the official music video for the song ‘Woman At The Well' by Olivia Lane, scenes from ‘The Chosen' accompany the powerful lyrics.

"I heard a story from the Bible when I was just a little girl, about a broken-hearted woman

Who met the savior of the world, thought it was just another story

One that the preacher man would read, but as I'm sittin' here at home

Drinkin' red wine all alone, I think that woman might be me, cause tonight I feel just like

The woman at the well, wondering how someone could love me, when I can't love myself

But you want me as I am and that sounds crazy, I guess maybe that's why grace is so amazing"

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What an incredibly beautiful song paired with a powerful scene from the show ‘The Chosen.'

‘Woman At The Well’ By Olivia Lane

The story in this song tells about a woman who relates to the woman at the well that Jesus talked with. The lyrics remind us about how powerful the grace of God is and how wonderful it is to know our Savior.

"This song is one of my favorites," comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video. "‘Wondering how Someone can love me, when I can’t love myself.' Those lyrics play through my head every day. Your music has changed my life. Thank you so much. God bless your career, Olivia!"

"Well written, well composed, well performed," writes another person online. "The best voice for the best song. I really hope this one reaches out to billions of people to share that there’s a Greater Love out there for each one of us."

According to her YouTube page, "Olivia Lane is a genre-bending pop/country singer-songwriter who has always been obsessed with the power of storytelling. Since she first began releasing original music in 2015, she immediately grabbed attention from Billboard and Rolling Stone, who described her music ‘joyful & jubilant'. She tells stories that are uplifting and truthful, exuberant and fearless, uniquely personal and fully relatable."

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We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Woman At The Well' by Olivia Lane today!

WATCH: ‘Woman At The Well’ By Olivia Lane – Official Music Video

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