This Woman Of Science Died And Came Back. And Now Even She Believes In Miracles!

Heaven is for real.

Mary Neal drowned. For 24 minutes she was underwater without oxygen and for all intents and purposes, should be dead. She’s not. As a matter of fact, she saw heaven. And for this doctor who needs proof of everything, this was a powerful wake up call.

Mary Neal was in a white-water accident with friends and drowned. She was without oxygen for roughly 24 minutes. Most people without oxygen for that long usually suffer brain damage, at the least. Miraculously, Mary didn’t suffer any damage to the brain and is living a perfectly normal life today.

During her time with no oxygen, Mary claims she went to heaven. This woman of science desperately looked for answers to this miracle from God. She looked everywhere, but here was only one true answer to what had happened to her. God is now using her message powerfully to reach out to everyone. Some things in life cannot be explained, and this is certainly one of them. God is great!

Watch her interview as she tries to explain what she saw. She has worked tirelessly to ‘explain’ what happened using science and logic. She has now come to accept what she experienced as pure divine intervention She saw heaven! It’s just that simple.


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