Woman Pregnant With Triplets During Quarantine Gets An Unconventional Baby Shower

quarantine baby shower

There's no time like the present to celebrate, even during a time of a global pandemic. One woman pregnant with triplets during this time gets an unconventional quarantine baby shower. The pandemic won't stop her joy.

On July 11th in Huntsville, Alabama, Torri'onna Nance received a drive-thru baby shower from the comfort of her home. This mother of a 2-year-old had been pregnant with triplets for around 27 weeks. Friends and relatives drove by her home that Saturday to deliver gifts.

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Torri'onna received the gifts, but stayed inside out of the summer heat and maintained her bed rest.

Ironically enough, Torri'onna discovered she was having triplets only 7 weeks ago, believing at first that she was simply having twins. God had something more in store for her. She would have found out about the third child sooner, but the pandemic has affected her insurance causing long delays. Not only that, but many of her appointments have also been forced to occur over the phone.

Unique Quarantine Baby Shower To Bless Expectant Mom

She has been reveling in the peace and tranquility of her home. "My doctor recommended I find something good to watch. He said to kick back. He said now is not the time to get involved in much but to sit around at home and take it easy. I was told to shower, eat my meal, and sit on the couch." She shared her story with WHNT19. Right now her biggest concerns are staying healthy and staying happy for her three kids that are on the way.

Torri'onna received a big blessing from a business owner in her area who offered to donate his SUV. This kind gesture will definitely add more stability to her life once she gives birth to her triplets. However, that time is not today. For now, she will continue to kick back, relax, and rest easy like her doctor said.

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