Mom Working As A 911 Dispatcher Finds Nasty Note From Nosy Neighbor Who Assumed the Worst

working as a 911 dispatcher nasty note

While working as a 911 dispatcher during the COVID-19 pandemic, Heather Silchia discovered a nasty note on her windshield. Apparently, a nosy neighbor noticed Heather coming and going but assumed the worst. And this true short story shows the danger in jumping to conclusions!

Stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic called upon everyone to do their part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. This meant only leaving the house for essential matters.

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But not everyone stayed home during these difficult times.

Essential personnel like medical staff, first responders, police, etc. continued reporting for duty. They braved the frontlines to serve others, despite the risk to their own health.

Heather Silchia is one of those people.

During the COVID-19 health crisis, she was working as a 911 dispatcher during the graveyard shift.

It’s a tough schedule, especially as a mom. But when a nosy neighbor noticed Heather’s odd hours of coming and going, for some reason the person assumed the worst. And it led to Heather finding a nasty note one day on her windshield.

Nosy Neighbor Leaves Note To Stay Home

The letter started off, “Please stay home.”

And as Heather continued reading, it became clear the author of the nasty note didn’t realize she was working as a 911 dispatcher.

“I noticed a few days a week you leave home with your baby and return a short time later without it. Then I see the man of the house arrive with the baby later in the afternoon while your vehicle hasn’t moved all day. This leads me to believe that the kid is in daycare.”

As the note continues, the neighbor goes on to make a lot of assumptions. Rather than contact Heather or her husband to see what was going on, this person jumped to their own conclusions.

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The note goes on to say, “Stop. I am assuming that man has an essential job since he is gone all day but if you are home there is no reason for your child to be in daycare at a time like this. I also see you leave shortly after your husband (I assume) gets home. You aren’t wearing any sort of uniform and I have never seen you wear a mask. Bars are closed and you couldn’t possibly be getting groceries every night (which would also require you to wear a mask) so I again ask you to please stay home.”

The letter ended with, “Also, do everyone in the neighborhood a favor and keep your older kids inside,” the letter demanded. “They are loud. Help do your part in keeping our town safe and STOP LEAVING YOUR HOME.”

working as a 911 dispatcher nasty note

Credit: KDVR News

Taking The High Road

Reading the nasty note must have been upsetting for Heather Silchia. After all, by leaving her home and working as a 911 dispatcher, she was trying to help serve her community.

But Heather took it all in stride and extended grace toward the nosy neighbor who wrote the note.

“If somebody’s having a bad day, and they’re taking it out on you, just be kind,” she said. “And that’s something I have to do every day in my job. Even though we just answer the phone and we don’t respond to the call ourselves, we are the first to respond to people’s cry for help.”

Kudos to Heather for the work she does and the loving response she had for her nosy neighbor. Looks can be deceiving. And this story is a powerful reminder of why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

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Instead, it’s a good idea to practice the advice found in James 1:19-20:

“So, then, my beloved brothers, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger; for the anger of man doesn’t produce the righteousness of God.”

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