Wunderdog Maggie Endured The Unthinkable Only To Miraculously Recover 1 Year Later & Inspire All

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Despite enduring the unthinkable, Wunderdog Maggie has an incredibly loving nature. A Good Samaritan found her tied to a box — blind, pregnant, missing an ear, and shot 17 times. But Maggie’s inspiring overcomer story is reminding everyone of the incredible power of love!

Maggie was a pregnant stray when a man found her in Lebanon.

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Someone horrifically mistreated Maggie before abandoning her, cutting off her ear and shooting her 17 times with a pellet gun. This left Maggie blind in both eyes.

The poor dog’s incredible survival earned her the nickname of Maggie the Wunderdog.

The Good Samaritan turned Maggie over to a UK based rescue group, Wild at Heart Foundation. They flew Maggie to England to help her recover and find a safe, loving forever home.

That’s when Kasey Carlin saw her story. Maggie touched Kasey’s heart so deeply, the young lady just knew she had to be the one to take her.

Once she was ready, Maggie the Wunderdog went home with Kasey.

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And she now lives a wonderful life with her devoted human after making an incredible and miraculous recovery!

Abused Dog’s Loving Nature Inspires All

Despite all the evil and trauma Maggie endured, her sweet, loving nature remains intact. In fact, her amazing spirit has left Kasey in awe. It’s why Kasey considers her Wunderdog Maggie.

“The way she gives her entire heart to strangers. . . The way she has forgiven people, when the last thing she saw in this world was a human,” Kasey says. “I think that has to be the most amazing thing about her. I still can’t explain how she has managed to forgive like that.”

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Though it was Kasey’s job to help Maggie recover, this Wunderdog has helped Kasey heal just as much. Before bringing Maggie home, Kasey was battling anxiety and depression. She struggled to connect with other people.

But after God brought this fur-angel into Kasey’s life, the dog’s beautiful spirit has changed everything.

“She is the piece I never knew was missing,” Kasey explains. “Before Maggie I was depressed and struggling with daily life. Maggie has introduced me to so many new people. I can’t walk down the street without Maggie making a new friend. Her joy is infectious and she has made it her personal mission to befriend every person she meets.”

Real-Life Overcomer Goes On To Help Others

Because of this 4-legged overcomer’s naturally ability to inspire others, Kasey started a Maggie the Wunderdog Instagram account. She also has Maggie working as a therapy dog.

She also has a special bond with her sibling, Kasey’s other dog, Mishka.

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Kasey says Maggie helps Mishka come out of her shell with humans. And Mishka returns the favor by acting as a guide dog for Maggie.

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Now, Maggie spends her days using the light inside her to help others. She visits elderly in nursing homes as well as helps teach children about bullying and overcoming disabilities. And most of all, she proves love can overcome anything.

“She doesn’t need eyes because she’s learned to see with her heart,” Kasey says.

WATCH: The Story Of Wunderdog Maggie

Seeing Wunderdog Maggie overcome such an awful experience just goes to show how powerful love is. What a beautiful and inspiring story!

“And the light goes on shining in the dark; it is not overcome by the dark.” John 1:5

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