Country Artists Join Wynonna Judd As She Belts Out The Lyrics For ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’

lyrics for love can build a bridge

Wynonna Judd beautifully belts out the lyrics for ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ as other country artists join in to provide backup. What a touching performance!

"I’d gladly walk across the desert with no shoes upon my feet, to share with you the last bite

Of bread I had to eat, I would swim out to save you in your sea of broken dreams

When all your hopes are sinkin’ let me show you what love means

Love can build a bridge between your heart and mine, love can build a bridge"

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Released in 1990, Naomi Judd, Paul Overstreet, and John Barlow Jarvis wrote the lyrics for ‘Love Can Build A Bridge.’ The country music duo The Judds then recorded this beautiful song and made it popular.

The lovely song shares a message about the importance of always standing together. And it was dedicated to the Judd family and fans as almost a goodbye from Naomi Judd, who at the time was chronically ill with Hepatitis C and was forced to retire.

Beautiful Lyrics For ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’

In an interview, John Barlow Jarvis said: "Naomi Judd handed me a set of lyrics she had written, which was inspired by a conversation she had with Paul Overstreet. I immediately heard a melody and wrote it in literally 15 minutes. What took the most time was finding the right feel for the final recording. I believe we recorded it two or three different times before they were happy."

Seeing Wynonna Judd sing ‘Love Can Build A Bridge' as a tribute to her mother who passed away last year, was truly touching. And seeing all of the other country music stars join her on stage for the performance was just wonderful as well.

"This was so beautiful. The strength this woman has to do this tour after losing her mom is crazy," one person writes on YouTube after watching the video.

"This song gives me chills every time I hear it. It’s so beautiful! Can’t believe Naomi’s been gone for a year. Time goes by fast. Wynonna is such a strong woman. I admire her so much!" comments another person online.

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We hope you enjoyed listening to this performance of ‘Love Can Build A Bridge' today!

WATCH: Wynonna Judd Belts Out Lyrics For ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’

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