Her Kindness Towards A Barefoot Homeless Woman Is So Inspiring

Kindness Begets Kindness

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get caught up in our own lives? How quickly we can lose sight of just how truly blessed we are? But then God sends a special moment to wake us up. Usually it's a moment when we realize the little things we take for granted each day are huge blessings those who are less fortunate than we are. That's exactly the type of moment that prompted a heartwarming act of kindness from one young woman named Kay in the busy New York subway.


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Kay shared this special moment in a Facebook post that has captured the hearts of many.

Here is what she says. . .


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"A homeless, mentally handicapped women got on the subway BAREFOOT. No socks, shoes or anything. I asked her what shoe size she wore and we were the same. I gave her the shoes off my feet and they fit perfectly. She couldn’t have been more gracious.”


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“So I stood on the subway for 15 min in my mixed matched socks, then right before I got off the subway a gentleman offered me an extra pair of socks to go over top of my small thin ones.”


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You see, I can buy another pair of shoes tomorrow. And he probably has plenty of socks at home. It’s the middle of November and she has nowhere to go, so the least I could do is give her a pair of shoes. So, I walked 6 blocks home in socks getting strange looks and comments made about me… but now she’s able to wear a pair of shoes each day and suffer a little less. Pay it forward y’all. And shout out to the guy who gave me the extra socks! They helped a ton!"

Kay's post has been circulating like crazy, and she's been bombarded with messages of appreciation and praise.


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But Kay stresses that none of this is about her. She says,

"Right now there’s so many terrible things happening, I mean absolutely terrible things happening, and I wanted to share some positive energy."

In fact, Kay has decided to use all of the "insanely generous press and turn it into something for the world." She announced on her Facebook page that she would be fulfilling a lifelong dream of starting her own nonprofit to provide shoes to those in need around the world! And since the announcement, she's had several organizations come forward wanting to help.

It just goes to show that kindness begets kindness! Kay's story is a true inspiration and demonstrates how one act of kindness can snowball into even more goodness.

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