7+ Acts of Kindness During The Coronavirus Pandemic to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

acts of kindness during the coronavirus

Turn on the news these days and you’ll likely hear update after update about the spread and impact of this terrible Coronavirus. But every story isn’t a ‘bad’ one about finances, illness, and hoarding. There are many inspirational stories of acts of kindness during the Coronavirus pandemic, and many of them will restore your faith in humanity!

Here is just a sampling of a few of the Coronavirus acts of kindness stories we found!

1. Husband Surprises Wife Quarantined in Nursing Home with Anniversary Sign

Bob Shellard visits his wife Nancy every day in the nursing home where she lives. But because of the risk of infecting residents with COVID-19, no visitors are allowed inside the nursing home now. But that didn’t stop Bob from celebrating his 67th wedding anniversary with his beloved wife! John Cusack’s character in ‘Say Anything’ has nothing on romantic Bob’s real-life gesture.

WATCH: Bob Sheldon Holds Up Anniversary Sign to Wife Nancy in Nursing Home

Restaurant owner, Susanna Wong Burgess said that they ran after the customer thinking it was a mistake. But the kind diner just wanted to pay it forward! They know that servers count on tips for their income and that all this social distancing will make it hard for them to make ends meet.

3. Granddaughter Surprised to Discover Her Dad Serenading Her Grandmother

Jenny Deloach shared how she went to take supplies to her quarantined grandmother and discovered the nicest surprise! She walked up to discover dad serenading her grandmother from the ground below! How sweet was that?

Our elderly community is most at risk. But we don’t want them to feel isolated or abandoned during this pandemic! I love seeing the sweet ways people are staying connected to this beloved generation from a distance to lift their spirits and protect them.

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4. Local Distillery Makes Hand Sanitizer from Alcohol and Gives It Away for Free

Hand sanitizer is hard to come by, but is so needed right now! So Shine Distillery and Grill is helping out its community by making their own! "We did our research and checked with the controlling authorities and come to find, as long as we're not making a medical claim or selling it, we're allowed to give it away," owner Jon Poteet said.

Their mixture is 80% alcohol, 20% higher than the CDC’s recommended 60% alcohol for hand sanitizer. Poteet is happy to share his mixture with customers.

"Ultimately, I'm part of the community, I want my friends and neighbors to be happy and healthy," he said. “It feels good to be able to give back."

WATCH: Local Distillery Giving Away Free Hand Sanitizer They Made

5. Italians Dancing Through their Quarantine!

We’ve seen several videos from the Italian quarantine including this one on GodTube of neighbors singing with one another. Try not to smile as you watch these Italians dancing to music on their balcony!

They say a happy mind boosts your immunity, and this couple appears to know how to make the best of the situation!

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6. Charity Uses Its Connections to Help Provide Supplies

Beauty Banks is a charity that supplies essential toiletries to those who can’t afford it. Beauty Banks is using their platform for a campaign to raise money to help those in poverty have basic supplies to help protect them from catching and spreading Coronavirus. “I think it’s really important in times of crisis when people are doing something positive it does make you feel a little bit calmer and more in control. It certainly does me,” said Beauty Banks’ co-founder Sali Hughes.

“This is the first time lots of us have looked at shelves and thought actually I need something and I can’t have it, and so they’re better able to relate to people living in poverty who feel like that quite a lot of the time,” Salli added.

“I do think the act of giving just makes us feel better. It feels as though we’re doing something, we’re part of a collective effort.” So true, Sali!

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7. Kentucky Man Buys Dinner for All the First Responders in His County

Kentuckian Rob Sanders invited all first responders in his county to come to a free, “Takeout Tuesday” at a local restaurant as a way of saying thank you to them!

In times of crisis, many of us are especially grateful for the first responders who are on the front line and often exposing themselves to danger to protect us. Rob wanted to find a way to show his appreciation. “Tonight, I'm buying a half slab of ribs, and all the trimmings for any off-duty police officer in Kenton County," Rob said.

"I haven't told my wife I'm doing this yet. I'm going to keep this up as long as I can afford it, or she takes my credit card away,” Rob joked.

WATCH: Kentucky Man’s Coronavirus Act of Kindness Buying Meals for First Responders

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8. Maine Landlord Isn’t Charging His Tenants Rent While They Can’t Work Due to Coronavirus

Landlord Nathan Nichols was listening to his own sister worry about her lost income as she’s been unable to work because of the Coronavirus pandemic. He saw how stressed she was about being able to pay her mortgage and realized many of his own tenants were in the same boat. So he decided not to charge them rent for the month of April!

He posted about it on Facebook, and it went quickly viral, with so many people commenting about his generous act of kindness! "Thank you for being so generous. We can all learn from you," wrote one person.

"So many people (including myself) were told that our jobs have shut down for 2 weeks maybe even longer and right now we have no money – it's scary. So this simple act of kindness is truly amazing. God bless you!" added another.

Nathan’s tenants also reached out to express their gratitude to him.

One texted him saying, "I realize you're taking a hit for us, and that means so much."

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May these acts of kindness during the Coronavirus pandemic bring you hope and help you get through these stressful times.

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