Writers and Contributors

GodUpdates writers search the web for videos and stories that we hope our viewers will find interesting. We especially love uplifting and inspirational stories where you can see God’s hand at work. We scour the web, from small-town news stations to the depths of YouTube, to bring you the best trending news stories. GodUpdates is also a great source for Bible verses, prayers, and inspirational quotes.


Melissa Johnson

Mel is the senior writer for GodUpdates, finding, writing and sharing Christian, uplifting, and health-related stories from around the world. Mel has a passion for writing and graduated with a degree in English from Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. When she's not researching and writing stories, Mel is very active in her church. You can usually find Mel playing board games with her husband and two young girls, giving someone a hug, or hunting down a good cup of coffee!

Stacie Marshall

Stacie is a brand manager for several Christian sites including GodTube and GodUpdates, and she is GodUpdates’ senior editor. She holds a degree in communications from Radford University in Virginia. She’s mom to two grown kids and one cute fur-baby cat Natalee. She’s served on mission trips from Haiti to Vietnam and Tanzania. When she’s not finding and writing uplifting stories, you’ll likely find her dreaming of traveling the globe or at a Virginia wedding venue photographing weddings.

Laurie Owens

Laurie is a video content specialist finding and sharing cute, funny, uplifting, music and Christian videos for GodTube and GodUpdates. Laurie graduated with a degree in Communications/PR from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. When she is not watching videos and writing stories, you’ll find her clipping coupons, decorating her dream home with her firefighter husband and keeping up with their two young sons!

Dustin Dedrick

Dustin is a site specialist for GodTube and GodUpdates with Salem Web Network. Dustin graduated with a degree in communications from Bridgewater College in Virginia. He assists the writers with getting inspirational and Christian content on the sites, shares the posts on social media, and works to make sure the sites are working properly for our viewers. When he’s not working, Dustin runs marathons and likes to spend time with his wife, young daughter and two Pomeranian pups.

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