An Abandoned Baby Was Found And Became An Answer To Prayer

godupdates abandoned week-old baby boy

God answers prayers in the most amazing ways. A woman's prayer was answered when a college student found an abandoned week-old baby boy all alone in the bed of a truck.

When the student heard the baby crying, they immediately called the police. The police took the baby to the emergency room to make sure that the baby was in good health. And thankfully he was.

Lorraine was the respiratory therapist who was in the emergency room waiting to help save the baby’s life. Little did they knew, that this was the moment that would change that baby's and Lorraine's life forever. Because the baby was exactly what Lorraine had been praying for.

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Lorraine was performing her routine procedure on the little baby that had just come in. And while she was tending to him, she felt an instant connection to him. She and her husband, Charles really wanted to adopt a baby.

She is a breast cancer survivor and is not able to have children on her own so adoption was the plan for them. And they were just talking about adding to their family just a few days before little Charlie was found. That was not a coincidence at all, God's timing is always perfect.

God had definitely heard the cries of their heart and answered by giving them little Charlie. And when the couple was able to adopt Charlie, it was the moment that Lorraine has been praying for so long. She is finally a mother and she could not be happier.

WATCH: Abandoned Week-Old Baby Boy Found

Credit: Youtube/Humankind

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