God Gives Us Blessings But We Choose The Empty Box

Sometimes God’s blessings ARE exactly what we’re hoping for.

You know the phrase “can’t see the forest for the trees?” Maybe that’s how we as humans really do operate on a daily basis when it comes to recognizing God’s blessings. God (sometimes) gives us EXACTLY what we ask for and we still miss it. And then other times, God gives us way more than we hoped for and we still miss it. UGH! Sometimes, I wonder if God ever gets frustrated with my lack of understanding. I hope not!

So, this video made me realize, we are all a little bit / on occasion like these cats. Their owners keep trying to give them the best of everything, but these fur-balls just don’t get it.

Take a look and see if you’re not in here somewhere. And, for another story that shows God’s love in the form of a cake – click here!


HT The Dumpest

Featured Image Credit: Youtube