Baby Koala Hugs Mom Through Surgery

Check Out This Momma's Boy!

Meet this adorable little koala joey named Phantom.

Don't you just love him?! Well, get ready to love him even more!

One day, his momma, Lizzy, was hit by a car. Miraculously, Phantom was not injured in the accident. But poor Lizzy suffered from facial injuries and a collapsed lung that required immediate surgery.

Because joeys this young are not yet ready to be apart from their mothers, the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital was concerned about separating the two. And so, the concerned little joey clung tightly to his mom throughout the surgery.

The operation was a success and both mom and baby are doing well. And Phantom is just glad his momma is ok!

What a precious pair! And so cute to see how the strong bond between mother and baby exists all throughout nature!


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h/t: Distractify

Featured Image Credit: Youtube