These Cute Stickers On Your Car Could Be Putting You At Risk

Bumper Stickers Warning

Bumper stickers have long been a popular way to add some personality to a vehicle. But believe it or not, those handpicked decals may actually be putting you and your family at risk!

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Gone are the days where bumper stickers were nothing more than catchy phrases. Now it’s all about personalization. You can find stickers to represent just about any aspect of your life: your job, your favorite vacation spot, your breed of pet, the school your kids attend, and so on. There’s even super cute stick family decals to represent each member of the family!

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It’s easy to see why all this customization has become so popular. It’s a great outlet for self-expression. The trouble is, it’s also a great way for complete strangers to learn intimate details about your life. . . without you even realizing it! And there’s no telling just what those strangers may be planning to do with that information.

Search and Rescue Ohio has a picture that helps illustrate this very real danger. In the bumper stickers shown below, potential burglars could easily get a lot of intel is just a matter of minutes.

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Credit: RACE Search and Rescue Ohio

The family stickers reveal that dad is a military man, meaning he could be away a lot. The honor student sticker shows where Billy goes to school, and his football uniform suggests he may have practices and games. And despite giving the family dog the tough name of “Spike,” the bumper sticker instantly gives away that he’s a small dog not likely to deter a determined crook.

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When you look at the bumper stickers from this perspective, it’s quite eye-opening! And that’s exactly why Search and Rescue Ohio posted it!

“Our goal is that everyone thinks about the free information that they are providing to potential criminals,” RACE Search and Rescue said. “Our families’ safety is the most important thing.”

It’s not to say you have to get rid of your bumper stickers all together. Just be mindful of the ones you select, and just how much information they are giving away!

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