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Lysa TerKeurstApril 25, 2024

Choose Calling Over Comfort

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" ... Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?'" John 21:15a (NIV)

Have you ever felt God stirring you to do something that's terrifyingly outside of your comfort zone?

I confess that left to my own choosing, I want to take the safe and comfortable route. And then a Bible verse like our verse today marches up to my limited perspective and challenges me. A question forms in my heart. One that forces me to stop and reconsider the path that terrifies me:

Do you love Jesus and want Him more than anything else?

It's this question that Jesus asked one of His disciples, Peter, at a crucial crossroad in Peter's life:

" ... Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?'" (John 21:15a).

Peter had followed Jesus for years, but things got hard. Jesus was crucified, and Peter took his eyes off the path of ministry he'd been called to. In John 21:2-3, Peter went back to what felt safe and comfortable: his original occupation of fishing.

When the resurrected Jesus appeared in the flesh, He ruined Peter's justifications for playing it safe. Peter's destiny wasn't to be a fisherman for the rest of his life. He was to be a shepherd of God's people.

For Peter, loving Jesus "more than these" (John 21:15) might have meant prioritizing ministry over the large number of fish he'd just caught. Or "these" could have been anything else pulling Peter away from his calling. We all have our own distractions and concerns in life - things we sometimes choose over Jesus.

I believe Jesus saw Peter's potential and wanted to turn Peter from a nitpicky fisherman into a caring shepherd. Fishermen counted and quickly judged the fish they caught. They threw out the small fish because to sell those, they'd have to pay more in taxes than the fish were worth. They would look at the fish and say, "This one's in - this one's out. This one's in - this one's out."

But Jesus was calling Peter to finish his season of being a fisherman of fish and start being a shepherd for people.

In the same way, Jesus is asking us to love Him more than the lives we've known. And just like Jesus equipped Peter by sending His Holy Spirit to fill and empower Peter for his calling (Acts 2), Jesus willingly equips us. We have the gift of His Holy Spirit inside us, and we also have His written Word to guide us continually.

Sweet friend, let's not rush past how amazing it is that the Lord wants to work through us - even with all our fears and failings. Let's not allow love of comfort to convince us to stay stuck in our same old ways. Let's simply say to Jesus, Yes, Lord. I love You more than these ... and follow where He's leading us.

Lord, my soul declares "yes" to You right now. Even if my hands are trembling ... even if my feet feel shaky on this new path ... I say "yes" today. I love You, and I will live for You. Change me. Lead me. I'm Yours. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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