4 Church Pianists Sat Down After Service To Perform A Beautiful Impromptu Hymn Medley

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A few talented church pianists recently took the internet by storm with an amazing impromptu performance.

After attending their church service in Georgia, these four church members decided to have some unrehearsed fun. Doug, Natalie, Tracy, and Jonathan all wanted to try to play a medley of hymns with completely seamless transitions.

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The whole challenge was caught on camera and turned out amazing! They were able to switch seats while continuing to play each hymn. They ended up cranking out a total of eight hymns back to back without messing up or stopping. These four pianists are incredibly talented, but together they take these hymns to a whole new level.

It’s amazing to watch how fast they are able to switch places without even missing a beat. It’s no easy task to find a great church pianist, so having four attending one church is quite a treasure. When this video was posted to Facebook, the internet was mesmerized by it.

The video has reached over 12 million views since it was posted. And over 250,000 people have shared this incredible performance with their friends and family. God has truly blessed Doug, Natalie, Tracy, and Jonathan with tremendous musical talent.

It’s beautiful to see each of these pianists using their God-given musical abilities to spread the gospel. They could be playing any song, and instead, they choose to play hymns.

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Having this video go viral is such a great way to get more people to hear the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

WATCH: 4 Church Pianists Perform 8 Hymns

Credit: Raynes Family And Victory Song

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