Funny Story for Christmas Has Mom Cracking Up as She Retells Mishap with Stranger at Wawa

funny story for christmas Mary Katherine Backstrom

After a hilarious mishap with a complete stranger in the Wawa gas station parking lot, mommy blogger Mary Katherine Backstrom is trying to tell everyone her funny story for Christmas. But she’s got to stop giggling first. And even if you don’t laugh at her story itself, good luck keeping a straight face while watching her reaction!

I think we can all agree that there’s something special about the Christmas season. Celebrating the birth of Jesus has a way of reminding us all — even those who aren’t religious — of how much good still exists in the world.

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Just as the lyrics in Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Waltz say, “It’s that time of year when the world falls in love.”

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Well, mommy blogger Mary Katherine Backstrom was feeling the magic of the season when she made a stop at the gas station. And what happened to her makes for a truly funny story for Christmas!

Mom’s Act Of Kindness Leads To Funny Story For Christmas

Mary Katherine Backstrom had some time to kill before picking her kids up from school. So, she stopped off at the gas station.

Before going inside, Mary read a heartwarming story on social media that had her really feeling the Christmas spirit.

“It was a Christmas article about how everybody’s so generous over the holidays and it makes everything so magical,” she explained in a video that went viral.

So as Mary then went into the Wawa gas station, she was “just in this place” of wanting to surprise someone with an act of kindness.

She got her chance when a woman behind her got in line to buy a Gingerale.

Mary Katherine Backstrom paid for the woman’s drink and shared how the Christmas season had inspired her act of kindness. She describes it as a “precious moment” between her and this stranger.

As Mary heads outside, she explains how she’s still in this mindset of “the holidays are so magical.” And this sets her up to be the star of her own funny story for Christmas!

Mom’s Gas Station Mistake Has The Whole Internet Laughing

Filled to the brim with good tidings, Mary Katherine Backstrom thinks she spots a stranger washing the windshield of her car. And the man’s generosity overcomes her with emotion.

“He’s cleaning my windshield and I’m convinced this is the Christmas magic,” Mary explains between giggles.

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Mary rushes over to the stranger, gushing about how much she loves Christmas. She thanks him by giving him a huge hug and telling him how this is her “favorite part of humanity.”

At this point in the video, Mary can’t contain her laughter. In fact, she’s been giggling so hard she’s in tears through most of the retelling of this funny story for Christmas. And here, she explains why:

“It wasn’t my car!”

WATCH: Mom Hilariously Retells Her Funny Story For Christmas

At this point, Mary Katherine Backstrom loses it. And her laughter is contagious!

“He was cleaning his own windshield and I told him I love Christmas and humanity,” she says through even more fits of giggles.

Mary was too embarrassed to admit to the man that she had thought he was washing her windshield. So, instead, she just got in her car and drove away.

She pulled into a different parking space so she could share the story with all her Facebook friends via a Live Stream video. And her retelling of the hilarious mishap quickly went gone viral!

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Whether you think Mary’s Christmas story is funny or not, her reaction is impossible to watch without at least cracking a smile.

So, be sure to share this story to bring a smile to someone else’s face!

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