Incredible Christmas Light Show Set To Favorite Christmas Song Of ‘Mary Did You Know’

incredible christmas light show

Everyone loves Christmas lights, and everyone also loves the classic Christmas song of "Mary Did You Know?". This video has a combination of both of our favorites in an incredible Christmas light show!

It's the most beautiful time of the year! One of the most exciting things to do during the Christmas season is piling everyone into a car and driving around to look at Christmas lights.

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It is so amusing to see how the neighbors get creative with the illuminating decorations. Some take a simple approach, with candles in the windows and white led lights on the bushes.

But then there are others, like The Burton's, who go all out with music and flashing lights!

Christmas Lights To Song Of ‘Mary Did You Know’

Every Christmas The Burton's put on their animated music and lights Christmas display. And boy do they go all out!

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This year their beautiful house is decorated with Christmas lights that flash multiple colors and at different speeds. The incredible Christmas light show is set to the tune of the Pentatonix version of the song of "Mary Did You Know". And it is the most breathtaking display!

The song is already so beautiful. But when it is partnered with flashing lights, it adds a whole other dynamic! This house really does put any other, ordinary Christmas lights to shame.

Jesus’ birth paved the way for our salvation and eternal life in Heaven. I’m so thankful that Mary answered the call from God and helped bring our Savior into the world.

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What an amazing way to bring this powerful song to life!

WATCH: Incredible Light Show To Song Of Mary Did You Know?

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h/t: Youtube/BurtonChristmasLites